Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Draw Something, $180 Million Cheque maybe?

A six week old drawing game bags millions of users and even more millions of dollars.

Draw Something, a fairly new multi-player social game has become super hit in just over a month. You must have heard the name of this game at least once in recent times. Draw Something is literally on the fingertips of almost everyone with a smart phone. 

Draw Something is a revamped and digitized version of the traditional game Pictionary. A unique feature to this game is that it suggests a different set of words for different regions on the world, keeping in mind what is known and is familiar to those people. 

Launched just six weeks before this game went viral and  bagged over 36 million downloads on smart-phones and alike.

Valued about $180 million, the app company OMGPOP has sprung from the brink of bankruptcy to an unimaginable height as the game company Zynga decided to purchase this simple but powerful game of theirs. Draw Something is fairly a new game developed by the five year old gaming company, OMGPOP.

"People are busy. They want quick ways to say hi, to keep in touch.And there is no better way to do that than through games. Maybe you don't have time to call but if you are playing a game together, to me it feels more social.
"I have lots of friends I keep in touch with on Facebook but when I do this one to one thing with Draw Something or Words With Friends, it feels a little bit more special." says the chief mobile officer at Zynga, David Ko.

The reason Draw Something has been valued for such a high amount is purely because of the competition between the many gaming companies to buy off the product. How the game might change from now on, only future can tell.

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