Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Google and LG’s First Joint Product is out!

A brief look at the new Nexus 4, Google and LG's latest Android Smartphone


Since the seepage of the news about the new Nexus 4 we have seen more than a handful of leaked images and phone features all over the internet. It would have seemed like you already know about the Nexus 4 even before you've got your hands on it. Even a number of gadget enthusiasts have had the notion of knowing almost everything behind LG and Google’s new star product. Fact is, there is still more to be seen and known about this magnificent Android device.

Nexus 4 happens to be the first Smartphone of the collaboration between LG and Google. Google has known to release their Nexus phones via Samsung; the affiliation with LG is somewhat new and has left many eager to witness their first and latest product.


The new Nexus seems to be quite different from the previous Nexus devices in style as well as n configuration. Nexus 4 is more flashy or aesthetic in appearance with its very polished and high end exterior that sets the Smartphone apart from other LG devices. The sturdy cover and the solid slab like structure donates a superior feel in handling the phone. LG phones are known to have a plastic like artificial touch which is not favored by Smartphone fanatics. 

Another upgraded feature of this Nexus 4 is the extended 4.7 inch screen and its 720p IPS. This gives the phone a special touch and status of a high end device and is considerably better than Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, which uses an AMOLED screen. 

When it comes to the seamless functioning and eases of use, Google and LG’s Nexus 4 was nothing short of perfection. As one would expect from any high end Smartphone the new Nexus is swift and decisive in its function. Although, the internal specification of its RAM and processor is the same as LG Optimus G, 2GB RAM and processor of 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro running the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.


The Android OS 4.2 Jelly Bean is almost same as the earlier version of Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich in terms of visual aid and layout. One of the main features of Android 4.2 is that it allows multiple user accounts, where more than one member can include their unique settings as they log in. Other notable features include 360 degree panoramic photo capture, better integration of Google apps and Swype like keyboard facility. 

The device is still new and is undergoing a lot of experiments and tricks by the many tech geeks. So far there are no significant disappointments with this device. LG and Google’s Nexus 4 is indeed a Smartphone to watch out for.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

INFOGRAPHIC - Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design, a web design methodology that eases viewing webpages across multiple platforms.

The staggering growth of the internet and mobile media have baffled us all with way too many technologies to keep in consideration. Web technologies introduce new and dynamic methods of designing and constructing sites to suit the many advanced needs of the general technology forward public. Having to combine and complement mobile web with the mainstream web features and is the common aim of many designers. Instead of having to design many different pages for multiple devices designers now opt for an all in one strategy. Namely, Responsive Wed Design.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a structure that uses a couple of the latest web technologies, i.e. HTML5 CSS3, that reduces the redundant need to design different pages for different devices (desktops, tablets, notebooks, smart phones, etc.). It has become a necessary feature since it encompasses all dimension aspects under one URL and you only need to code it once. 

The staggering growth of RWD has influenced many to reconstruct their already existing web pages according to this technology that provides a dynamic view and an easy panning method no matter what device you use. Also, all is compacted under one URL.

Here is an infographic that contrasts all features of Responsive Web Design. 

via Dot Com Infoway

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Patent Wars! LOL

We all know what's been happening in the Mobile world between Apple and Samsung. To some, it is very amusing on what grounds the patents have been infringed, and so many funny yet creative graphics have come about. Here, I'm sharing 2 of them :

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nexus 7 - Google's own Tablet [video]

Nexus 7, the ultimate Playbook by Google. 

Google has newly launched their very own tablet, Nexus 7, teamed with Asus. This 7 inch Quad-core awesomeness is only priced for $199. It runs on the latest Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean and includes all the latest Google technologies software side.

Here is a video of Nexus 7's official launch  in their I/O 2012 developers conference :

P.S. Everyone who attended that conference went home with a complementary Nexus 7!!  Gotta Love Google! 

You can Pre-Order a Nexus 7 on - Go get it!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Infographic: The Evolving HTML5

A full detailed analysis of HTML 5, from how it began to what all uses it has now.

HTML5 is the new age web building technology that is an evolved version of the traditional HTML. The infographic below elucidates the lifeline of HTML5, from how it started to all the ad on's and where all you can incorporate HTML5.

 @jhonwilliams ,

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vintage in Style - Polaroid Z2300

Polaroid camera's are mostly linked to yesteryear's style. Only seen with a selected few who have a liking for the vintage technology. In the era of digital camera's Polaroids are seen to be almost nonexistent. Yet, Polaroid comes up with a new device to tempt you all.

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera is a new, yet to be released, modernized version of the famous Polaroid camera. As seen on the name itself, this new age Polaroid device is digital and comes with a built-in printer. 

The design itself is sleek and compact as opposed to the previous Polaroid models that gave a distinguished air of pretentiousness for being so different and sophisticated that the usual digital cameras. Even though it boasts a modernized design, the Polaroid Z2300 still gives an air of retro-ness. But of course, that surely is one of the main reasons to owning a Polaroid, is it not?

The Polaroid Z2300 is priced at about $160, offering a 10 megapixel camera that takes about 30 seconds printing time. The print out is said to be sized almost like a standard business card. There may be minor imperfections to this device since top notch technical perfection wont be the primary reason behind owning this piece of novelty.

Overall, the Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera seems to be a neat device worthy of its price and performance (according to It is soon to be released yet pre-orders are willingly taken. 

Polaroid Z2300 will be launched publicly on the 15th of August.

We'll see more about this Polaroid after the release.

For more info

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Appreciating MS Office

Say whatever you like MS Office still remains unparalleled !

Personally I'm not a fan of Microsoft per se. I used to be. It was one of the best Operating systems during a span of time, but now all I see is bugs and lags. It simply failed to keep up with the growth of other OS in its category. I use Ubuntu more than Win7, I find it far better and reliable in terms of speed, performance and security.

But when it comes to creating word documents and presentation slides MS Office is uncomparable! 
I have gone through tonnes of office purpose softwares, trying genuinely to like each and everyone of them. No matter what office application I use, nothing compares to MS Office.

The sophistication and the amount of features that look after almost every need of every task, truly brilliant. 

Well, at least they have got one thing right, don't you agree?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Upgradable vs Non-Upgradable MacBook Pro

MacBooks have the reputation of being on of the most reliable devices in laptop and notebook technologies. Apple has constantly come up with advancements over the years that makes one to keep on expecting more and more from the new and upcoming notebooks and laptops from this tech giant. This time, Apple has given us something not so new. 

Apple has recently introduced the new MacBook Pro with retina display. A super visual display technology that feasts the eyes of photo editors and graphic media artists. Priced at approx,$2199,  the retina display MacBook is indeed a major upgradation of the MacBook Pro, but when compared, the new release does not seem so purchasable. Especially for the one's who weigh the pros n cons.

After the experts review, the MacBook Pro with retina display lacks many essential requirements. Most importantly it is unupgradable. Meaning, you are stuck with the same hardware specification  as long as your MacBook lives. Not only that, but even simple repairs to this device is almost impossible even for the practiced tech mechanics. If even a minute err with the display/screen you would have to ship it back to Apple to fix it.

We all remember the MacBook Air. It came out with such exuberance, yet we had to compromise certain features to allow ourselves to have a light and sleek notebook.

These type of devices maybe good enough for the Apple fans and also those who would change their laptops/notebooks every year or so. But long term users and for people who dig technology, so to speak, this compromise is not good enough.

Read more : here
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

HTC One S to Surface in Asia Soon!

HTC One S finally makes its way to Asia

The only left out out component of the HTC One series is soon to arrive in Asia. HTC One S has, for some reason, not yet ventured all around the world, but is to do so soon. 

The handset will be available in Singapore, India and surrounding countries after June 15th. The price range is said to be around USD 750. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

HTC One X - Opinionated Review

Android smart phones are all over the place now. All major cell phone brands are launching their new super-phones and creating a new trend in mobile technology.

Gone are the days when all you needed from a mobile phone was to make quality calls and send text/multimedia messages. You see almost everyone with a touch screen smart phone nowadays. As with people’s demands, the expectations on the upcoming smart phone models have increased drastically. And so, these companies think way ahead of time and technology and have modeled some awesome devices 

HTC has recently launched its One series of mobile phone. HTC One X being the top rated of them all. 

HTC one X is a slim, sleek looking high end smart phone that seems to be the best in its range. Even the most recently released Samsung galaxy S3 hasn’t bagged as much positive comments as this device. 

HTC sense has got to be one of the best touch software among them all. This is one big reason that HTC is famous for.

One X comes with a 1.5GHz quad-core processor (there is also a 1.5GHz dual-core LTE version) and 1GB RAM. It also runs the latest version of Android ICS. It is absolutely stunning to see have a handheld device as equal to a notebook. My current netbook's hardware specification’s almost the same, RAM’s 2GB though. 

A point to note: there will be some amount of heating while extensive/aggressive usage, or very long calls. This is a common disadvantage between all dual-core and quad-core smart phones. But! One X comes with a polycarbonate body, a material known to resist much heat (also scratch resistant). There is n guarantee that it won’t produce heat, but do not surprised if there is any. 

One minute drawback of HTC One X is that it comes with an inbuilt unalterable memory of 32 GB. It is plenty, but it could consider giving some other memory options too. Some hard core users, business people, Android buffs and online marketers may not find the space as enough. There are people who use less, but considering its powerful hardware, this device wasn’t made for menial use. 

Plus, if you are an avid cloud user, it gives you 25GB Dropbox storage for free (for 2 years). Just about enough I’d say. Since most of us would be changing our mobile devices after that period of time. This offer is available for all HTC One series phones. 

The connectivity features of this phone maybe all the usual, but better. It encompasses DLNA and HDMI services, allowing easy and fast connectivity to other systems. It has NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a brilliant HSPA+ download rate, giving a much better performance than the Samsung Galaxy S3 (according to sources). 

HTC One X camera features are commendable. It has an 8 MP camera and an interface that gives a pleasant user experience. User reviews suggest the camera quality and pictures to be very good. Here are the specifications (via): 

· 8 megapixel camera with auto focus, smart LED flash, and BSI sensor (for better low-light captures) 

· F2.0 aperture and 28mm lens 

· 1080p HD video recording 

· 1.3 megapixel front camera (720p for video chat) 

· Dedicated imaging chip 

· Capture a photo in the midst of recording HD video 

· Continuous shooting mode captures multiple snapshots 

· Auto flash smartly determined by distance from your subject 

· Video stabilization feature removes annoying, shaky motion 

· High quality slow motion video capture and playback 

Last but not least, the battery. Personally, I think HTC could have done much better in this category. This device has a capacity of 1800 mAh which just slightly better than the other usual smart phone models (1500 mAh). So, you can expect just about the same hours of function, about 24 – 30 hours (with no aggressive usage). 

I am disappointed to say that Samsung Galaxy S3 has beaten One X by having a battery capacity of 2100mAh. You can clearly see that I am not a fan of Samsung phones; but I have to admit that the battery capacity does have an edge, a powerful edge, when it comes to choosing a good phone. 

Overall, One X it is a decent device. Users suggest it being swift and prompt. Its sleek and slim design makes it easier to hold, use and carry. Its 4.7 inch display gives it the extravagance a high end smart phone deserves.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Google Drive: Cloud Computing for the Common Man

Google launched its cloud storage device a couple of days back, handing over a total of 5 GB free storage space for all users.


Google Drive, the latest new Google's introduction to the cloud technology, has been welcomed in a variety of ways. Many welcomed it with a smile and much enthusiasm, some were skeptic and concerned with its functionality, and others were somewhat nonchalant.

This service is available to everyone. Initially you get 5GB free storage and can upgrade to greater bytes for a fee. The amounts are fairly reasonable

5GB storage space is just about right. Eliminates the need to carry a USB/flash drive around. 

Note: If you are an already paid user of Picasa services then you automatically get 25GB (without extra fee)

Personal Take

Personally, I was rather enthusiastic when getting my mail of invitation. The enthusiasm soon died when I began to think of the other cloud services already offered by Google. This wasn't all that unique as I had perceived it to be. 

The name Google Drive, at first look, seems like something related to the automobile industry. Many of you wouldn't have guessed it would be the name of a cloud service. It is named so to symbolically suggest that soon Google Drive will be replacing your HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

Initial Thoughts

Google already offers Picasa for photosharing and storage, and Google Docs for a keeping and maintaining and sharing documents/presentations/spreadsheets/etc. Looking at all these, Google Drive seems like just an extra to these already existing cloud service. 

The fact to consider is that Google Drive is the beginning step of Google's idea to integrate all these services into one. If you have noticed, there is no separate page Google Docs available anymore. now redirects to


It is simple to use and very clear in its features. There are no confusing settings to go through to assign sharing aspects and the upload of files/folders is clean and fast. 

You can install a Google Drive folder to your desktop and upload files directly from desktop instead of using your browser. This is exactly like having your Ubuntu One folder or Dropbox.  But Unfortunately this feature is not available for Linux OS (yet?)


Cloud Computing is a fairly new term for most people. Most of them have been reaping the benefits of this service without knowing proper term. As with all new technologies, people began to panic and skepticize and doubt them. There were a lot of security concerns with Google Drive. Mostly because of Google's Privacy Policy, one policy for all services.

Google's new policy scared most people, they thought the amount of privacy protection would decrease and google would have access you everything you do on the internet. 

This is false.

what's yours remains your's
For those of you who have not read the privacy policy, let me ensure you that your personal data will not be taken by google to be used elsewhere. The policy clearly suggest that whatever 'intellectual property' you submit/store on google will be untouched. To quote them : what In short, what belongs to you stays yours.


The sharing feature for Google Drive is almost alike the one we had for Google Docs. You can allow selective people to view certain files and also give them permission to edit them (with the many editing options of Google Docs). In short, you chose how you want to share your data.

Google Drive allows collaboration between two people at once, so you can work on the same document with another person simultaneously. No matter how far away the other person it, you can see what changes they make instantaneously.

The files from Google Drive can be shared via Google Plus. Any photo's video's on your Drive can be easily uploaded to Google Plus. You can also allow certain apps to have access to your Drive, personally I don't recommend this.

Google has also integrated its powerful search mechanism to Google Drive. Searching for a file is made tremendously simple.

File Support

Google Drive supports many of the commonly used file extensions. It is said to support over 30 extensions, and there is a great possibility that that number will keep increasing. The service also allows you to convert certain files to make it google docs compatible.

Since it supports many common file extensions, you can open any such files on any system you like. You need not have that software that reads the certain type of file.

Final Say

This is a pretty useful service with a decent amount of free storage given. You can access, share and edit files on the go, and feel free of the fear of any physical loss of device. Because all your data will be safe. 

But do be careful and mindful of your 'file sharing' settings. This is not your personal hard drive but the Internet. Once something is out there (public), its there for ever.

Google Drive is a good service for those who constantly lose their flash drive. May it be a physical loss or a virus/malware problem. School/college students would find this service useful, and the free storage amount will be just about right.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Mechanics behind Google Search [Video]

Learn how Google ranks pages and works its search system

Here is Matt Cutts, from Google, explaining how Google Search works:


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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Three Main Reasons You Are Not Getting Enough Traffic

It may be very important to know what all methods to use for proper SEO, but its is as important to know what not to.

Search Engine Optimization has to do with a lot more than simply having a website and dumping all sorts of information in it. There are many techniques that need to be followed in order to achieve good impression in the eyes of the search engine. 

There are tonnes of methods available on what all one should do to make your site/blog SEO friendly. The problem is that, as beginners, we make an effort to apply all those tactics on to our blogs and website and expect nothing but the best to happen. We are seldom told of what all techniques suit our type of website and what don't. 

Here are three commonly practiced SEO habits that are counter productive:

1. Having a bit of everything

When it comes to having a site that is SEO friendly you must focus more on the quality than quantity. Having a site focused on a particular topic is much appreciated than having a site with a little of everything in it. Almost every beginner has made this mistake, including me.

For example, you can have a blog about Astronomy and write anything and everything related to it.  From comet behavior to asteroid composition to planetary movements. What you should not do is to have a site about Science and write an article about genetic mutations and physics theorems and then blast furnace specifications. 

These topics may come under a common heading but the inter-relation is too far fetched. Search engines get confused and won't know to which category to put your site under. Also, you may not have enough of contents of a certain category for search engines to find your site when necessity arises. 

2. Over optimizing.

There are times when we all get over enthusiastic about filling our article with keywords. Sometimes more than one. We may be totally engrossed with stuffing as many keywords as possible tend to not know when we've crossed the limit. 

This type of  'keyword overload' can be hazardous. Search engines tend to denounce these type of articles/sites. It is better that you use keywords in a limited manner and not raise a red flag among the search engines.

3. Allotting Improper and/or Repetitive Titles 

We have seen many articles that have content completely irrelevant to its titles. It is an annoying habit and thankfully,  search engines can see right through this deceptive act of yours. Do not have a title that  promises something and gives the readers something else. This practice will make your site rankings descend and have all your SEO hard work go down the drain. 

Also try not to use the same title repetitively. If you have a different content but belonging to a heading you have previously used, by all means allot a different title. It can be similar but not the same. 

Titles have a very important role to play in search engine optimization. Having a muscular title followed by a solid content can do wonders to your rankings. You need to learn to not misuse them, it is easy and tempting but it is a big No.

Online marketing takes time to perfect. Getting organised takes a little bit of time but it has to be done.  You should try and concentrate on a specific topic and add contents related to only that. 

Search engine optimizing is a timely process, the ranking increase and decrease depending on various known and unknown factors. You may not me aware of all the unknown/uncontrollable factors but can surely do something about known errors.

Here are some highly useful and simple ways to optimize your site - SEO: 4 Strategies for this Year.


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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cove Point: Ultrabook-Tablet running on Windows 8 [Video]

Intel has debuted an Ultrabook-cum-Tablet named Cove Point. Operating System - Windows 8

More Info here

Friday, April 13, 2012

Instagram Fan's Fury over Facebook [Video]

Facebook recently acquired the viral photo-sharing app Instagram (here)

Many Instagram fans and users are outraged over this issue. It seems that not many like Facebook purchasing Instagram and are so offended by this fact that they have deleted their Instagram accounts and left!

The question is, why did Facebook acquire Instagram? Many debate over this issue and fear that both entities may be incorporated in future, even though Mark Zuckerberg has assured that nothing as such would happen.

This may only be a new venture by Facebook. It may want to expand its territory by diversifying and to start with, buys Instagram.

By the way Instagram went viral and attracted many users as it extended its services to Android OS, it was expected that some big firm may buy it off. We have seen this happen before with OMGPOP's 'Draw Something' (here).

Here's a video on Instagram Buyout Backlash :