Thursday, June 21, 2012

Appreciating MS Office

Say whatever you like MS Office still remains unparalleled !

Personally I'm not a fan of Microsoft per se. I used to be. It was one of the best Operating systems during a span of time, but now all I see is bugs and lags. It simply failed to keep up with the growth of other OS in its category. I use Ubuntu more than Win7, I find it far better and reliable in terms of speed, performance and security.

But when it comes to creating word documents and presentation slides MS Office is uncomparable! 
I have gone through tonnes of office purpose softwares, trying genuinely to like each and everyone of them. No matter what office application I use, nothing compares to MS Office.

The sophistication and the amount of features that look after almost every need of every task, truly brilliant. 

Well, at least they have got one thing right, don't you agree?

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