Thursday, June 14, 2012

Upgradable vs Non-Upgradable MacBook Pro

MacBooks have the reputation of being on of the most reliable devices in laptop and notebook technologies. Apple has constantly come up with advancements over the years that makes one to keep on expecting more and more from the new and upcoming notebooks and laptops from this tech giant. This time, Apple has given us something not so new. 

Apple has recently introduced the new MacBook Pro with retina display. A super visual display technology that feasts the eyes of photo editors and graphic media artists. Priced at approx,$2199,  the retina display MacBook is indeed a major upgradation of the MacBook Pro, but when compared, the new release does not seem so purchasable. Especially for the one's who weigh the pros n cons.

After the experts review, the MacBook Pro with retina display lacks many essential requirements. Most importantly it is unupgradable. Meaning, you are stuck with the same hardware specification  as long as your MacBook lives. Not only that, but even simple repairs to this device is almost impossible even for the practiced tech mechanics. If even a minute err with the display/screen you would have to ship it back to Apple to fix it.

We all remember the MacBook Air. It came out with such exuberance, yet we had to compromise certain features to allow ourselves to have a light and sleek notebook.

These type of devices maybe good enough for the Apple fans and also those who would change their laptops/notebooks every year or so. But long term users and for people who dig technology, so to speak, this compromise is not good enough.

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