Thursday, April 12, 2012

3 Google Plus Extensions to Optimize Marketing

Google Plus has come up with many resources to increase to help with your marketing tactics; Be it Business-to-Consumer or Business-to-Business.

Google Plus is a marketers galore. It has many means of helping businesses promote their brand as well attracting potential leads. Google Plus has always given a professional look to its features and it takes business connections seriously.  There are many Google Plus marketing apps to consider. Out of the lot, here are 3 awesome apps that will boost your online visibility.

1. Google Plus Badge.

These are the most basic add-on's for your blog/website. Blogger itself gives you an option of adding a GooglePlus badge to your site.

Go to Blogger layout , 'add a gadget', and brows under the 'Basics' tab adding the blogger badge.

Even the '+1' Button would do you great favors in helping your page get top priority by Google search.

For other websites/blogs there are many ways in which you could get a GooglePlus Badge. One of the way is to get it from Google Plus itself. Go to this Link and Google Plus will guide your way through creating a badge for your page.

Other Apps that help with Google Plus widgets:

These apps help you with customizing the number of posts you want to appear on your site as well as other Google Plus page related statistics.


2. Chrome Extensions 

It isn't a hidden fact that Google has a soft spot for all its products. So, when looking for extra fittings that help sharing of an information on multiple platforms, that too in incorporated with Google Plus, Chrome is a must have Web Browser.

Chrome is a simple but effective browser to have, no hassle. It may not be aesthetically extraordinaire, but it runs light and fast, and comes with many useful apps or 'extensions' (or Add On's, as you'd call it on Firefox).

This is an extension where you can incorporate your Facebook Stream within your Google Plus page. This extension adds an extra tab in your Google Plus navigation bar for Facebook Streams. All you have to do is connect Facebook to your G+ through this extension.
This tab will help you keep control of your Google Plus Page as well as Facebook. A highly time saving extension.

  • Extended Share for Google Plus

This application enables you to share any Google Plus update on multiple platforms. Twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. You can choose as many networks as you like, there is a wide range of options to chose from.
- Link

3. Adding Notable People  

There are many directories online that shortlist a lot of Google Plus personalities. Google plus, like Twitter, is a goldmine of professional people. Maybe not as big as twitter but it is a good place to network with professional individuals, especially when it comes to the field of social media marketing, technology professionals, bloggers and alike.

You can start searching for these professionals through Google Plus search itself. Simply type what whom you wish to locate (person or profession) into the search bar and browse through the results.

This is one way of connecting There are also some dedicated sites for this purpose.

Unofficial Google Plus Recommended Users:

This website is dedicated to listing many people of interest and also pages that may intrigue you. There is a wide range of topics to chose from and you'd be surprised to find so many useful contacts all in one place.

- Plus Clout:

"PlusClout is the measurement of influence a user has on Google+. It is a number between 0 and 100."

This is another useful site to look for potential networking. It follows a +1 method for ranking its users, a concept similar to Google Plus.
- Link

These maybe only a few tips, but they are indeed very useful in managing your Google Plus page efficiently as well as getting better page ranks. The more visibility there is to your page, the better the margin of success. 

Marketers nowadays are way too interested in Google Plus. There is huge potential in using this platform for the purpose of branding. Read more about this on this LINK


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