Monday, April 9, 2012

Top Five iPhone 5 Rumors

iPhone 5, the most revered and anticipated phone in recent times. 

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This phone has kindled so much expectations and eagerness that some people go overboard with their imagination. We have all been fascinated with Apple's tremendous efforts to introduce the impossible. From the first iPhone release, to the latest  innovative iPad 3, Apple never seize's to enhance in terms of new technology and innovation.

A short while ago, we all expected the release of iPhone 5. But we were given the iPhone 4S instead. Even though disappointed, the iPhone fanatics started to expect more out of the upcoming iPhone 5. Many rumors were spread of what all new features would be present in iPhone 5. Some were utterly ridiculous whereas there were some believable, although only rumors. Here are the top 5 iPhone 5 rumors we have collected. Even though they are likely to happen, there is no guarantee in these info.

1. The iPhone 5 would have a Quad Core processor. This is highly speculated, but we should also consider that such a change so soon, just after the iPhone 4s, is less likely to happen.

2. The iPhone would release  in June 2012. This has to be the most common iPhone 5 rumor we've all heard.

3. Apple would be introducing NFC (near-field communication) in the new iPhone. Possible, but it is more likely that Apple would create a similar technology and call it by a different name.

4. The iPhone 5 screen would host a High Definition retina-display. Giving the iPhone a picture quality of more highly pix-elated display that it actually has. Also, iPhone 5 might come with a bigger/wider screen.

5. There is a possibility that the new iPhone would not be named iPhone 5, Since it would be the 6th iPhone Apple have made. So, there will never be an iPhone 5??


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