Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Android Apps can now Run on Windows OS

BlueStacks has come up this an emulator for running Android apps on Windows.

Bluestacks, the software company dedicated on bridging the gap between Google's Android OS and Microsoft's Windows OS, has  now introduced  'App Player' an emulator that will help run the many Android applications on any Windows OS devices.  Yes, not only on PC's  but also on Windows tablets.
This emulator can run on Windows versions of  XP, Vista and Windows7.

The emulator uses a layercake technology that accelerates hardware to enhance the performance of the Android applications. This feature is a new one and was not available in the previous, alpha version, of Bluestacks App Player,

The BlueStacks App Player can be downloaded on this site :
More about Bluestacks on -

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  1. One MAJOR detail to take not however - If you already have Bluestacks Cloud Connect, it needs to be uninstalled first