Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Infographic: Social Media vs Search Media

Who gets better priority, Social Media or Search Media?

Social Media is becoming a staple for Businesses to connect itself more intimately with customers as well as other businesses. Even though thoroughly concentrating on Social Media a business cannot forget the power of Search Media.

Search Media is where a business should initially establish itself. This is the place one would initially try to locate a product or service and learn more about them. When it comes to brand awareness Search sites may take a back seat but is still a prominent area to establish itself. It is only later, when the basics of a business product or service are learned, a potential customer would try to locate the business on Social Media.

In certain areas though, Social Media gains priority over Search Media, here is an Infographic representation of the battle between Social media vs Search Media.

Image Source: MG Advertising

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