Friday, March 30, 2012

Cloud Computing

This is a brief description of what Cloud Computing is all about. 
I have done my best to make the common man/woman understand the idea behind Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing is one of the most talked about concept in recent times. Some of you would be well aware of this terminology and its purpose while others might still be a little vague. This is what its all about:

Cloud Computing, as by definition, concerns with providing software as a service instead of a product. 

To make things simpler, lets take the term 'cloud' to be synonymous with the word 'network'. We all know what a network is in the computing sense; and the biggest ever computer network being the internet. Now the word computing,  is nothing but the simple and menial, and also complex work we do using computers. Word documents, spreadsheets, databases, CRM software, etc.

Instead of having these software's as a product, you will be able to use them directly from a 'cloud'. These software's will be located not on your personal laptop/PC but in a remote server. With  Cloud Computing, you need not carry your laptop or hard disk around. All your data will be store in one location, a distant server, and you will be able to access it from anywhere in the world (with internet connection). The data can be accessed from any device with the facility to connect to the world wide web.

Your Cloud need not be completely private. If you wish you can share certain facets from your cloud with a third party, a person or even a group. This gives you much more resourcefulness and ease with sharing data and/or service. Evidently, your 'Personal Cloud' would be something that is solely accessible by you alone. A personal private space containing your stuff only.

There are a few such services already available and much much more to come. An example of personal cloud storage would be Dropbox, and Ubuntu One. The Chromebook is an excellent example of a device that is majorly dependent on Cloud Computing. 

There are many other deeper and more sophisticated definitions to Cloud Computing, but basically this is the main idea behind it.

Hope you have understood Cloud Computing in its basic sense. For more information visit: Cloud Computing Wikipedia Page

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