Friday, March 30, 2012

Facebook Search Engine

A dedicated team of Facebook employees are working hard to build a Facebook Search Engine.
Or rather a Social Search Engine

Facebook hasn't been giving much thought to search until now. We all know how useless searching for a person, a brand, or a group  on Facebook can be. We usually resort to asking our friends for the concerned pages to make life easier. Looks like Facebook has finally caught up with this problem and has decided to create a Facebook Search Engine.

This search feature is to be purely concentrated on helping people to navigate themselves better through  Facebook.

It is a known fact that Facebook monitors the activity's of its users from what they 'like' to all the status messages and links they share on their page. This is a massive amount of content that Facebook users, knowingly and unknowingly, create day in and day out. Facebook will surely take advantage of this massive data pool to aid in its Search Engine establishment. The only fact is that, even though there are many sources authenticating this news of Facebook Search Engine, Facebook itself considers it a rumor (this info itself is a rumor).

Currently Facebook uses the service of Bing for search.

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It is no doubt that Facebook considers Google+ its menial rival.  Google Plus, even though not that successful comparing to Facebook, has an added advantage to it in terms of Search media. It has the super  algorithmic efficiency of Google and its millions of users. By performance, if not fame, Google Plus is a tad bit more efficient than Facebook.

As for the matter of Facebook Search Engine, it is still under construction. When it is due is yet to be known. But it is sure to create a stir with its arrival. Creating an efficient search engine is no easy task and no one is good at it more than Google. Search is not something that is simple, and no one is good at it better than Google

Facebook surely has a long way to go with this. Lots of investment of both time and money are needed to achieve optimum results. Lets see how this major Facebook project is brought about.

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