Saturday, April 7, 2012

How to use Embedded Tweets

Learn how to use Embedded Tweets and increase the visibility of your tweets.

Embedded  tweets are the new thing nowadays. It is used by almost every online marketer as a means of generating more communication for a tweet. It is a very creative way of exporting a tweet or a twitter conversation to another article. Be it a blog or a newspaper material or an email.

Embedded Tweets are nothing but having a tweet or a twitter conversation embedded on another media. By embedding tweets you can achieve feedback from people even out of twitter. Not everyone whom we want to interact are there on twitter, so this method helps us to engage those audiences as well.

The new twitter interface comes with a lot of facilities that many of us are yet to discover. Of course, not all of us are into the habit of probing and tinkering with anything/everything new.  Embedded tweets are one of them. Many of us are not aware of this feature provided by twitter.

Here's how:

1. Choose a conversation and click  'open' it is located on the top right corner of a tweet. Once you've done that you'll see something like this :

this is an example tweet

2. Then you click on the 'Details' option (see mouse pointer on above image).  You will only see this option after opening the tweet.

Once you've clicked 'Details', a new window will open with all the details of the tweet. 

3. Click on 'Embed this Tweet' Pic Below:

once again, this option is only available after clicking 'details' option.

4.  After clicking 'Embed this Tweet' you'll see this:

Chose how you want your embedded tweet to look, adjust the positioning, and copy paste the code on your blog/article.  

If you have Javascrpt enabled, then you'll see a tweet box just like the on you see on twitter, else you will only see something like this :

5. Another option for you would be to just share the link. This link will take you exactly to the particular tweet with all its details. Click this link to see the example :  Link

It is the exact link you see in the below image:

Now its your turn to use embedded tweets in creative ways and get more out of your tweets and twitter conversations.

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