Tuesday, April 3, 2012

iPads instead of Books, China

Chinese schools are set to choose iPads instead of books.

China schools are looking at the iPad as the all-in-one book source. Certain Chinese schools have already allowed the iPads in classrooms. Whereas others, are seriously considering this. This is a new leap in the way of learning and school going experience. 

School pupils are usually seen with heaps of books, stationary and other little equipments that they need on day to day basis. Carrying an iPad totally diminishes the need to carry books and heavy school bags. Students will be more free with the iPads as their all-in-one book. 

Another reason for bringing in iPad would be the vast amount of (study) material that would be available. Students need not only depend on their given books but can also explore outside their syllabus. The iPad can also give access to resources needed for foreign examinations, SAT, GMAT,TOEF, etc.
Even the student-teacher interaction could be enhanced though the use of iPads.

Although the method seems to be innovative and bringing positive results, there are those who are skeptic about this approach. Many believe that the iPad would be more of a distraction than a knowledge enhancer. Debates are still in progress to whether to bring iPads as school tools are not. Having said that, most believe it could be a revolutionary concept.

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