Tuesday, April 3, 2012

They Want More of Google+

Marketers are eager to explore Google +  and can't wait to learn more about it.

It came with an extraordinary amount of hype having people eagerly wait to get accepted into the new social media network. You certainly remember waiting to get that invitation don't you?

Google + came with a bang and disappeared almost instantly. The turn out of Google + has not only been a little below expectation, but has also had people already on Google + lose interest over it.

Nowadays Google + remains a deserted 'ghost town'. Hardly anyone spends time on it. Compared to the  minimum of 1 hour a day spent by most of us on Facebook, we hardly even think of visiting the Google + page daily, unless there is a notification.  On an average it is said that a person spends three minutes a month on Google +

In spite of all these downfalls of the social networking site, marketers are willing and eager to learn more about Google +.

"A surprising number of those surveyed – 70% – said they want to learn more about Google +, despite the fact that only 40% are currently using it."  - BusinessInsider

The main reason behind this sudden intrigue is the fact that Google takes Google + seriously. The search engine prioritizes results related with Google + and its users more than the rest. And with its new Google Plus Your World initiative, Google + bags more loyal users.

Marketers use social media to get more audience, visibility, more brand awareness/exposure, loyal customers, better ranking, B2B relations and of course better sales. And to make this happen they must make themselves more visible in the one and only search media giant Google. Once they make their place in Google they would eventually see more of their objectives slowly gaining success. 

What better way to do this than to use better the services of Google +. 

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