Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SEO: 4 Strategies for this Year.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a wide field. The more you learn, the more there is left to learn. 

SEO simply means to make your website visible in the eyes of search engines. Lots of tools and techniques exist that help aid search engines to locate your website/content. It is an ever changing field where a new concept emerges cancelling out the previous. 

This is because the web, technology and the way it is used have not been constant but ever changing. This is why one needs to keep in touch with technology, else their knowledge becomes outdated. SEO is one of those areas where frequent monitoring of current trends come handy. 

In SEO one must realize that each of us has our own way of marketing, what applies to one marketer or brand may not apply to all. Here are some SEO techniques that, in general, would create more visibility for your content. 

1. New Content 

The first thing most people (mostly techies) would notice is how recently was the article written. Its not only people but also search engines. Having fresh content is a sure fire way to up your listings on the search media. The more the content, the better the SEO results. 

2.  Relevant Content

This is an SEO concept many forget about.
Curating a website is a tedious job. And having too many unrelated articles packed in a site is even more tough, and confusing. Search Engines find it equally confusing too. SEO can be incredibly eased by making your website focus on only what needs to be. Try not to cloud your site with anything else than what is relevant. 

3.  Internal Links

Site optimization needs as much attention as SEO. SEO helps people land on your site, a well structured site helps keep those visitors, and have them come back too. 
Having links to related topics as a part of the content can visitors cruise through your site and spend more time there. 

4.  Social Media Optimization

This is one sure way to get you noticed by Search Engines. The search media will see how socially active your page/brand is and will rate you accordingly. This is a new addition to the way of SEO.  Before, social media marketing and search engine optimization were two separate ideas. Now they are intertwined and one  tends to back the other. 

So increase your presence in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. etc. and have the search engines to notice you. 

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